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Fellow Post 255 Legionnaires, 

                As is the norm, I will start my report with our newest members, Frank Flores requesting transfer from Post 731 - Marine Corps, Wendy Calderon requesting transfer from Post 731 – Navy, Pablo Sanchez 94 year old new member recruited by Diane – Army, Loreto Ranjo requesting transfer from Post 1000 - Marine Corps, Salvador Sedas new member recruited by Rocky and verified eligible by Diabe - Marine Corps, Thomas O'Bryant new member recruited by Diane - Air Force and Komisi Savaiinaea requesting transfer from Post 1000 – Navy.

                What can I say about March but WOW!  Before the current health scare, March was shaping up to be a fun month, sadly however we had to close down the Post halfway through the month.   I will say that we were able to have our Annual St Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage thanks to Scottie.  I know. I made it down and the food was outstanding.

                COVID 19 – I truly hope all of you are staying safe and healthy.   I know it is difficult being constrained in your activities but we need to follow the guidelines so that we can hopefully get back to normal, sooner rather than later.  If there are any of our elderly members who need assistance, PLEASE let us know.  You can call or email. 

               As you should be aware, the Post/Canteen is shut down until at least 01 April.  I am standing by for guidance as to how long we will actually need to stay closed. Please pay attention to Diane’s emails or check our Facebook page for updates. 

              April Fish Fry is cancelled. Sorry, but even if we do get to open up on 01 April, not enough time to get ready. As long as we can open, the Kitchen Crew will be ready for the May Fish Fry.

                The March Meeting was cancelled. We did some Post business via email, including voting in the new members. As of today, we plan on holding the April meeting on 16 April.   More to follow… 

                Casino Night has been moved to Saturday, 18 April from 4 PM to 8 PM.  As long as we can open the Post, we will have Casino Night.  Come on down for some food, games and prizes.

                We still have elections coming up, first round of nominations will be at the April meeting.  If you’re interested in being part of the team, come to the meeting and get involved. 

                I look forward to seeing you down at the Post when it opens again and REALLY hope to see you at the April Meeting on Meeting on the 16th at 5 PM.

Thanks for your continued support!

Paul “RoadBlock” Patricio


Post Website:


(619) 919-9353



As of March 20, Post 255 has 489 Post members for 97.60% with a goal of 501.  Our recruiting deadline for the record is May 15th although we do not ever stop recruiting.  That's just the date that Department has so they can start preparing the books for Department Convention held in June.

Thanks to all who renewed their membership this year, those who transferred into the Post and our new members who joined this year.  Unfortunately, this newsletter does not go out to unrenewed members so it does no good to say "please renew your membership".

The Membership team sent our 262 letters to members who have not renewed, including members from 2015 - 2019 and we received a few responses.

If you know of someone who has not renewed yet, please give them a gentle reminder.  If you know of someone who is eligible to join, please pass along an application.  And, you can always "gift" a membership to a loved one.

Legion Blood Donor Program

The annual Legion Blood Donor report is due to Department by April 15.  Please respond no later than April 12.  Please email ( with the following information:

Your name

Whether you donated blood or plasma/platelets

How many times you donated blood or plasma in the past year

We would really like to hear from our out-of-town members as well as those who are local.

Thanks to the following people who already made their report:  Juan Gomez, Alexa Labruyere, Milton Ironfield, Elena Torres, Larry Van Rickley, Thomas Lord and Larry Emerson



When you have renewed your membership dues for the following year either in person, by mail or online, now what happens?

Renewed at the Post – If one of the Post Officers is present, he/she will get your card immediately.  If an Officer is not present, the Bartender can take your renewal dues and write a receipt.

Renewed by mail – When your membership dues are received by mail it will be placed in the Post’s office box.  The box is checked every Monday for dues renewals.

Renewed online – One of the Membership Team will check online every Monday to see who renewed the past week.

For those who didn’t get a membership card from a Post Officer when you visited the Post and those who renewed by mail and online, your renewal will be processed the following Monday and your new membership card will be available at the canteen Monday afternoon. You can pick your membership card up at any time.  Just stop by the Post and ask the Bartender.  Your card will be available for pick-up until the end of the month.  If not picked-up by then, your card will be mailed to you.

All new members and transfers must be voted into the Post.  Our Post meetings are every third Thursday of the month.  Once your application has been approved at the meeting, your membership will be processed the following Monday.  Your card can be picked up any time after that through the end of the month, after that time it will be mailed to you.  New members can use their receipt of payment for access to the Post until they receive their membership cards.  Transfer members can use their membership card from the Post they are departing until they receive their Post 255 membership cards.

*** 2020 LAW & ORDER AWARDS & DINNER pictures are now on this web site. Click on "PHOTO GALLERY", then  find and click on "2020 LAW AND ORDER AWARDS DINNER"


All members, and their guests, are reminded that the Post is Family Friendly and as such, everyone needs to be mindful of how they conduct themselves.

There is no place at the Post for being rude or disrespectful to others, and at absolutely no time should any type of physical altercation be initiated inside the Post or in our parking lot.

Bartenders, with the assistance of Post Officers, will monitor behavior and if they feel a member or guest is crossing the line, that member or guest will be warned to stop.  If the behavior continues the member or guest will be asked to leave the Post and it will be noted in the log book for further review by the Canteen Manager and E-Board.

Remember, our motto is that we are the “Friendliest Post” so let us all work to ensure “we” remain friendly.




It is becoming evident that more and more members are bringing guests into the Post without properly signing them in.  Failure to have guests sign in could lead to sanctions against the Post by the State ABC or we could lose our license to sell alcohol. 

Guests are defined as anyone who is not an American Legion, Auxiliary or SON from any Post.

Members who fail to follow this simple rule risk losing their canteen privileges for a time period to be determined by the E-Board.              


The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following web site for veterans to gain access to their DD-214s online: or try /veterans/military-service




There is a new shipment of  T-shirts now available in various sizes.   Get them while supplies last.   Ask your friendly bartender for details. Baseball style caps are also available.


Harry Woods


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We are still collecting your unused eye glasses and unused cell phones for donations and are still collecting used ink jet cartridges at the Post.   We turn the cartridges in to receive up to $40.00 store credit each month.   The credit is then used to reduce the cost of our office supplies - paper and mailing dots for the newsletter, ink for our printers, stamps, etc.   We used to turn in our quota each month, but haven't lately. We appreciate your help on this one.  

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The events calendar contains the monthly "happenings" for Post 255.