Larry E. Bennett Post 255


A $5.00 per-capita annual national dues increase was recently passed at the 97th National Convention in Baltimore. This increase will take effect on 20 January 2016. This means that each Post will need to remit $33.50 per membership card sent to Department Headquarters instead of the current $28.50.



Once again, well done, District 22! Way to go, District Commander Desiree Herrera, First Vice Commander Chris Yates and the entire team who made the SDSU endowment happen. A full year's worth of research, negotiations and support to see it through. This endowment is a significant accomplishment that each and every Post Commander had a seat at the table and a voice to make happen. It is and will continue to develop into a bridge for the next generation of Legionnaires.

District 22 Executive Board Member Wes Schermann is working closely with SDSU to further the partnership and more will come from it. But, most of all, we are doing what our organization was chartered to do, help veterans. We are doing so at the largest scale possible with an endowment that goes on in perpetuity and will become a catalyst for future endeavors.

We look forward to many more support efforts that the current leadership is rolling out with additional, smaller education subsidies for veterans attending smaller colleges as well that was voted on not long ago as well. It is truly obvious that you are a great team of veterans caring for the future of all veterans.